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Modern Manifestations of Diotrephes

The apostle John wrote his third epistle to a faithful and beloved Christian named Gaius. In this epistle, John commended several other brethren for their faithful conduct. But the “apostle of love” had these stern words of condemnation for a man named Diotrephes:

That Which is Abolished

In Exodus 19 “Moses went up unto God, and Jehovah called unto him out of the mountain” (vs. 3) and was given a law that would alter the landscape of that nation forever.  The law that Moses received and gave to the people was one that governed their li......

Nicodemus and Baptism

Only John’s gospel tells of a Pharisee, a ruler of the Jews, by the name of Nicodemus. We are introduced to this man on the occasion of his coming to Christ at night with an observation (Jn. 3:2). We also read of Nicodemus as John records a discussion between som......