Fulton County Gospel News

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FCGN to go from Quarterly to Bi-Monthly

By Lee Moses

If the reader will note this issue’s date, he will see that it is not January-March, as was the case a year ago. This issue’s date is January-February, reflecting an increase in mailing frequency from once every three months to once every two months. It was not too long ago that, because of rising postage costs, the Fulton County Gospel News was forced to go from a monthly publication to a quarterly. However, thanks to our financial supporters stepping up and the providence of God, we are able to increase our frequency even in the face of another increase in postage costs. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank our financial supporters as well as those of you who have been praying for this work, and, above all, we give God the glory. May the Fulton County Gospel News be fruitful to this end.



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