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Keeping the church saved

For years the Lord's church taught rightly that the alien sinner must submit to and obey the will of God to be saved. However, today many congregations that profess to be the Lord's church believe in a "grace only" concept of salvation. Denominationalism has long pointed to Christ's finishe......

Not Forsaking the Assembly Part 3

Should I Really Attend When . . . A question will occasionally arise as to whether a Christian is expected to be present in the church assembly when hindering factors arise. Sometimes the question is legitimately asked—a bro......

The Continued Homosexualization of America

This past week quite a few heads were turned as word got out about a few choice comments Oklahoma state representative Sally Kern made before a group of Republicans. Commenting on the threat homosexuality poses to society, she said, "[Homosexuality]'s the death nail of this country. I hon......