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The Pretend Privilege

People have always sought to find “loopholes” in God’s law. When people do not like what it teaches, they twist it to mean something else. Perhaps nowhere in the 21st century church is this more obvious than in the novel doctrines that have arisen pert......

Assorted Matters

We would like to encourage our Internet-connected readers to peruse the FCGN website found at Many additions have recently been added to the past archives there, thanks to the computer-savvy work of Joseph D. Chase, who has scanned past issues for us, as has Micha......

Reasonable Dissention and Disputation

Strife is a mark of worldliness, a work of the flesh (Galatians 5:20). While strife remains in the world it brings nations to war and tears apart families. Still worse is when strife enters the Lord's body, tearing apart churches, discouraging the faithful, and providing an object of ridi......