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This is a word we all dread; the diagnosis of cancer in a loved one or in ourselves is a devastating and fearful thing. Cancer in most cases, if found early, can be eradicated from our bodies and we can live a normal life. However, if not found early, it can permeate our physical ......

Unstable Souls Part 2

The church of our Lord is in the throes of an apostasy the likes of which has not been seen in well over a century. Perhaps it should come as no surprise. The apostle Peter warned that many would follow the “pernicious ways” of false teachers; and he......

The issue of authority

John Mellencamp lamented in song over twenty years ago, "I fight authority; authority always wins." Indeed authority is a powerful force with which to be reckoned. In the case of this songster, his perspective is easily noted as one who is rebellious against authority as indicated by hi......